You’ve got a red monster

What does this mean?

Though you might not notice it right now, your debt might cause stress, shame, sleepless nights, and arguments. It’s time to see this monster go. Let’s do this!

What we recommend:

  1. Don’t delay! Defeat your debt monster with support from a certified credit counseling agency. Contact one today​!

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  2. Protect yourself by learning the difference between debt settlement and credit counseling.
  3. Know your rights. Learn what to do when debt collectors call.

Why listen to us?

We’re local nonprofit credit counseling agencies that have decades of experience working for you — not the people you owe.

Still not sure? Watch Maureen’s story of how we helped her become debt-free.

Meet Maureen’s Red Monster

Watch how Maureen came to recognize her debt monster and, with our help, acted early to get back in control.